The Company

Industry Cleaning Company GmbH was established in Pliening, a conveniently located town near Munich in February 2005 by Wolfgang Sogorski who for the past 15 years had been working in a managerial position in a renowned company in the industrial and boiler cleaning industry. The proximity to its customers ensured a quick growth of the new company with Industry Cleaning Company GmbH soon becoming well known as a highly professional and reliable partner.

With its successful projects not only in Germany but also in Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, France, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands and Slovenia, Industry Cleaning Company GmbH has since established an excellent reputation throughout Europe in the fields of industrial and boiler cleaning, corrosion protection, heat insulation, scaffolding and various special projects.

With the SCC** certification in the year 2008 and the Technical Control Board TÜV Rhineland specialist operation certification according to Article 19 I WHG in the year 2009, the Industry Cleaning Company GmbH has underscored its well-founded claim to quality and safety through the introduction of the German trade association's quality seal "Systematic Safety" (BG-Gütesiegels "Sicherheit mit System") which was complemented with the certification of its management systems according to ISO 9001 in the year 2010.

The Industry Cleaning Company GmbH guarantees the professional completion of projects regardless of their size throughout Europe by its qualified specialists within a set time limit. As a highly professional contractor we create innovative and effective solutions. Our work focuses on creating permanent value for our customers through customised solutions, prompt and reliable service and quality workmanship. This and our highly competitive pricing policy make our service unique. We are here to serve you in this sense.