Innovative Cleaning with Dry Ice

The cleaning programme of the Industry Cleaning Company GmbH now also includes dry ice blasting - a promising new cleaning method. Our innovative blasting machines are also setting new standards of quality and efficiency in surface cleaning in the field of dry ice blasting.

Dry-ice blasting cleaning functions similar to sandblasting with dry ice pellets being used which are immediately sublimated and returned into the atmosphere as CO2 gas after they hit the surface being cleaned. This means that no blasting agent residues remain behind. This new innovative dry ice blasting method represents a highly effective and easy-to-use method of removing glues, waxes, bonding and separating agents, silicone and rubber residues as well as paint and enamels such as ink or graffiti, oil and grease, asphalt, bitumen, resins and numerous other impurities on various different surfaces without leaving any remains.

No moisture, no waste water - No wear and tear, no erosion - No disassembly required - No cleaning agents

Dry ice blasting used for LUKO`s, burners and heat exchangers